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If you own a property with trees surrounding the area, sometimes you will have to decide to remove them to free some space. When a tree has been successfully removed, they usually leave a stump behind. If you are searching for a professional company that offers stump grinding services, you came to the right place. At Defensible Services, we are offering different services such as tree stump grinding. There are plenty of good reasons why you need to have tree stump grinding done on the stumps on your property. 

What is stump grinding? 

Stump grinding is the process of removing tree stumps without the need of digging them out. Homeowners who have decided to remove a tree because it has decayed or it has blocked space in their yard can benefit from hiring professional companies for their tree stump grinding services to help keep their yards tidy and clean. Stump grinding is done by professionals, so if you are based in California, Defensible Services is worth checking out. 

Most of the time, homeowners will request a company to do stump grinding for aesthetic purposes, however, there are other reasons for you to get rid of those tree stumps. 

Below are some of the reasons why stump grinding is important and why you must make the right decision when clearing trees from your property.

Tree stumps are a safety hazard

One of the reasons why tree stumps must be removed from your property is that they can pose a safety threat or hazard to everyone in the vicinity. If you have children and pets playing in the yard, a tree stump can cause accidents or be a risk for serious injury. Children playing and running around in the yard may not look down and not be aware of a tree stump that is on their way. Even grown-ups can trip over the roots that grow out from the tree stump. 

Moving around the yard in the dark can be a challenge for anyone. They can be at risk of tripping and getting injured because of the tree stumps that can cause uneven terrain. Having a backyard party can even lead to a guest getting hurt when they accidentally trip over a tree stump that they did not notice while walking around in the yard. Soil near a stump can cause uneven ground or leave depressions which can be a safety hazard when someone accidentally trips over them. You do not want anyone to get injured, and leaving tree stumps in the yard can be a liability issue for homeowners. 

Tree stumps can still grow 

When a tree is cut down, it will not prevent the remaining tree stump from growing again. The new growth of the tree stump will keep the roots below the ground to continue growing which can destroy the yard, concrete, sidewalk, other walkways, nearby structures, and even sewer lines. There are instances when the roots of tree stumps can burst into pipelines especially if the root systems continue to grow. They can absorb all the water from the ground and even the moisture coming from plumbing leaks and irrigation tubes. 

The new growth of the tree stump can also absorb all the nutrients in the surrounding areas which can affect the other plants in the yard and cause them to suffer. The grass in the yard is one of the plants that are most vulnerable when the tree stump continues to grow. They may die from lack of water and nutrients and attempts to water them will only provide more water that can support the new growth from the tree stump. The grass can easily die while the tree stump will continue to grow and cause its roots to spread in the surrounding areas. 

Pests are attracted to tree stumps

The presence of a tree stump in your yard can cause destructive insects and other pests to come into your yard. One of the most annoying pests is termites and they can destroy your home. Other insects to watch out for are carpenter ants and wood bees because they love tree stumps and even choose them as their homes. Once these insects have invaded the tree stump they do not stay contained in it. There is a great possibility that they will invade other trees in the yard and even come inside your home. 

The other live trees and plants are susceptible to disease and infections, the remaining tree stumps are the most vulnerable. When an infectious disease infects the tree stump in the yard, it is most likely to spread to other live trees in the surrounding areas. A tree stump left in the yard is like an open wound that is prone to infections and other diseases which can easily spread through the underground root system of other trees. Removing and grinding the tree stumps in the yard will help prevent any insects to invade your yard and cause any diseases from spreading. Stump grinding can also protect the other plants and trees in the vicinity to stay healthy and continue growing.

Tree stumps can get in the way

When using the lawnmower, you will have to move around tree stumps which can be annoying when you are in a rush. You have to be careful when mowing because small tree stumps can be hit by the lawnmower especially when the vegetation in the surrounding area camouflages them. They can even cause damage to lawnmowers when they are accidentally hit. Tree stumps do provide any benefit to you or your yard and can even be an inconvenience every time you have to mow the lawn. Getting rid of the tree stumps can be done by hiring a professional company like Defensible Services so that they can remove and grind down the tree stumps. You do not have to spend hours digging and removing them by yourself. You can rely on a professional company to do the job properly. 

Tree stumps can consume yard space

Tree stumps in the yard can take up a large amount of space in the garden. If your home is located in a small property space, you must clear and get rid of the tree stumps that can take up a huge space in the yard. Getting rid of a tree stump will clear up space so you can place a water feature, flower garden, picnic table, or a small playground if you have kids. 

Tree stumps can affect the aesthetic appeal of the yard

Tree stumps left in your yard can affect its aesthetic appeal. Tree stumps look messy and unappealing to the eye. If you want your yard and lawn to look beautiful, then you must get rid of the tree stumps in your yard. A professional company that offers clearing services can remove and grind the tree stumps so you can enjoy a lovely view in your yard. You can also use the stump shavings as mulch. 

If you are planning to sell your home soon, having tree stumps in the yard can affect the curb appeal. Homebuyers will not like having tree stumps in the yard. If you are located in California, contact a professional company like Defensible Services so that they can remove and grind the tree stumps in your yard today. 

Grinding a tree stump

The best solution to tree stumps in the yard is to contact a professional company so they can grind the stump and get rid of the root system supporting it. Tree removal companies like Defensible Services have stump grinders and other equipment that is used for taking out the tree stumps completely so they will not grow back. Removing the roots from a yard is not an easy task so make sure to trust a professional company that has the skills and experience to do the job for you. 

The stump grinder is used to get rid of tree stumps by removing the wood below the soil so the stump will not re-sprout. Tree stumps can grow back and taking care of any growth will be an endless and tiring task for homeowners. 

Stump Grinding in California

Getting rid of tree stumps can help increase the safety of your home and protect you from any liability issues. This will also improve the aesthetic appeal of your yard and can be an important factor when you decide to sell your home in the future. 

Defensible Services is a professional company that offers different services such as stump grinding and clearing land around homes to help prevent fire hazard areas. They also clear the land before structures and buildings are built. If you are interested to hire us for our services please send us a message through this contact form here

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