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If you are thinking of building new construction, then you should prepare the landscape. By using professional brush cleaning services, you can enjoy a significant return on your investment. Although there are some people who believe that they do not need professional land-clearing services because tree stumps and vegetation can always be removed by hand. However, this is not always the case. The following are some of the important reasons why you should work with a professional land-clearing specialist.

What Is Involved in Brush Clearing?

Brush removal involves land clearing to prepare the site for construction. Contrary to hand clearing, which is a long and tiresome process, brush clearing will use mowers and forest mulchers to remove stones, stumps, and vegetation to prepare the site for the construction project. Brush removal can cultivate the project site instantly, eliminating the tiresome work associated with hand clearing.

Eliminate Any Unwanted Pests

If your project site has massive undergrowth, then most likely, pests such as rodents and ticks are breeding here. Also, brush clearing will remove unwanted vegetation to prepare your project site for farming or construction. Actually, the whole process is very simple. A professional will visit your project site, and special equipment will be used to get rid of these unwanted pests. If you are growing plants and flowers, then you might find that pests can be very frustrating. That is why you must hire an expert to do the job.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Improving your landscape can help in increasing the value of your home. Those unpleasant stumps, dead trees, and wild bushes can be an eyesore. Hiring a brush removal expert can transform your property’s look by removing overgrown plants, weeds, and debris. As a result, your landscape will become cleaner and more pleasant.

In fact, if you remove those unwanted trees and vegetation, the size of your green space will become larger. In some cases, using a brush-clearing professional can help increase your property’s value. In fact, according to research, having an attractive landscape can increase the value of your property by as much as 15 percent.

Prepare a Site for Development

Tree removal and brush clearing services can convert your landscape into a completely empty canvas, which is free from stumps, weeds, and other types of hindrances that can get in the way of development. At the same time, this can guarantee you that the site is safe for working on your construction project.

Before the start of construction, most property developers and real estate agents will hire land-clearing services. If you are planning to prepare a site for your construction project, you should look for a brush removal expert with years of experience. Aside from having peace of mind, you can also get more value for your money.

Fire Prevention

Removing those overgrown plants can reduce the chances that your home will catch fire. A tree trimming and brush removal specialist will visit your site and get rid of the dead vegetation and tall grass quickly. Look for brush removal services that use the latest equipment and have a well-experienced team capable of handling your land-clearing project.

Brush removal services can get rid of stones, tree stumps, overgrown plants, weeds, debris, and other obstacles in any domestic and commercial property. This can quickly transform the look of your landscape, and at the same time, you can also save some money.

Essential Factors to Consider When Preparing a Site

Before building any structure, the first thing to do is to prepare the site. Site preparation ensures that the building you will construct will adapt to the plot of land. Perhaps you want to build a cabin, or your dream home, and you want the sun to rise right at your kitchen windows or you want your bedroom to be constructed in the quietest portion neat the woods, or you want to have a living room that is overlooking the river or lake. However, preparing the site goes beyond that. 

In fact, the process of creating the design and constructing a building will not start right away. It is important that you must have a plan. Several phases should be considered so that you can have the perfect building that suits your project goals. One of the most crucial steps, before you can start with your construction activities is to prepare the site. Whether the site preparation will succeed or fail, it will set the tone for the remaining construction activities. 

Consequently, before starting your preparation, you must undergo a site selection process. This is the most vital aspect of all the operations needed to successfully plan and construct your building. In the same manner, choosing a site can be overwhelming for most people, especially those without experience or knowledge about site surveys or analysis. This process is not just about inspecting on the site. You must be aware of the unique features of the site, if there are any. In this way, you can get some ideas on how to start creating the design and constructing the building itself. 

As you start your planning process, consider those features and use them to your advantage. The following are some things that should be considered as you prepare the site for the construction of your building.

Are you done with the site selection process? If so, then the next step is to clear the land for the construction of your perfect building.

Things to Consider for Site Preparation

Soil Testing

Before planning and creating designs for your construction project, soil testing should be done. If you do not know about soil’s properties, then you won’t be able to develop any structure. Soil testing is done so you can know the types of soil, properties of soil, and its load-bearing capacity. This can help the structural designer determine whether the soil should be strengthened. 

Soil testing reports provide several details such as soil classification, soil strength, excavation-related risks, soil bearing capacity, groundwater level, liquefaction capabilities, settlements, slope stability, type of foundation ideal for the site, and other important information. 

Land Clearing

Preparing the site starts with clearing the site. All the areas of the site must be cleared and leveled. Land clearing includes getting rid of shrubs, trees, and other vegetation. This is often done to prepare the site for construction, farming, urbanization, etc. Forestry mulchers are usually used in accomplishing land clearing.

Although, it can also be performed manually by using chemicals and heavy equipment. Generally, manual clearing is more costly. Also, chemical clearing could have some harmful effects on the soil as well as on the vegetation that you want to preserve. Hence, the most recommended method would be forestry mulching.

Making a Survey on the Site

Performing a survey can help the surveyor figure out the precise area where structures should be built. Land surveying is not something you should ignore since this is a requirement for zoning and processing permits. Surveying can turn the contractor’s plans into reality. The land surveyor will recognize where the pegs should be placed in the construction site.

The first step in site preparation is land clearing. If you require land clearing services, then be sure to contact Defensible Services. To learn more about our services, you can contact us at (530) 990-9103 or email us at defensibleservices@gmail.com.