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Indeed, land clearing is considered a considerable job. Before the concrete mixture is poured into the foundation, you need to thoroughly prepare the land to make enough room and to provide sufficient support for the weight of the house.

The first thing that you would consider is how much will the cost of land clearing. Although you always want to get the best value, it is also vital that you hire a professional company that can accomplish the job correctly.

How Much is the Average Cost for Land Clearing?

The costs involved in constructing a house can quickly add up. You will have to spend a great deal on the project before you even start constructing your home. Most especially if you choose to build on new land. To figure out how much the cost is of land clearing, you have to get in touch with a skilled professional land clearing company. This can help you in obtaining an accurate quote. The following are some important factors that you have to consider when determining residential land clearing costs.

Land Surveying

Most states will require land surveying when building a new home. This is the first phase of the clearing process. They will put some markings so that you will know exactly the extent of your property. At the same time, it can also help you determine where you will build your house as well as the placement of your driveway and fence.

Another type of survey that needs to be performed is the topographic land survey. This will indicate the size, location, and height of land features. For new construction, the average cost of a land survey can likely vary depending on the terrain and the size of the lot.

Soil Testing

To examine the condition of the soil, you will need a geotechnical report of the site. This will involve testing the soil for its density, compaction, strength, organic material, as well as contamination. Testing the soil is a way of verifying whether or not it can support your home. These technical and safety reports will be needed when applying for permits.

Application for Permits

Before you start with the construction of your home, it is essential that you have to apply for permits. You can file this through your county or city. It is a must that you have to comply with the state construction code law. The average cost of building permits could take hundreds of dollars. However, you need to verify with your local planning department to check if any additional permits are required. For instance, environmental requirements might be needed for building permits.

Equipment and Labor

The professional land-clearing company that you choose must have all the essential equipment needed to accomplish the job. Make sure that they are using professional-grade equipment. To clear and cut down trees, overgrowth, saplings, and underbrush, they should use chainsaws, mulchers, and mowers. A stump grinder with a rotating cutting disc will be needed in removing a tree stump.

Before laying down the foundation, you need to even the soil using bulldozers. Excavators will be required in digging trenches and removing large rocks. While dump trucks will be required for hauling away the debris from the site. Keep in mind that an experienced operator will be needed in operating these machines.


Clearing the Site


Before you start clearing the site, you should have a laid-out plan. Are there some trees that you want to save? Is there a need for demolition? Is the site a wooded area? You should have an accurate plan for the building site wherein you will have some space for the house, yard, driveway, well, septic tank, etc. Most of all, be sure you have allocated some space for the heavy equipment required to get the job done.

Is There Something That You Want to Preserve?

If you want to preserve something, such as rocks, trees, or natural growth, then you have to mark them. Of course, you would want to take down everything that could cause potential damage or hazard in the future. Take note that removing the trees after the construction will cost you more than doing it beforehand.

Trees located too close to the house should be removed since they could fall down on the roof when a storm comes. A large tree’s roots could likely affect your house’s foundation. These problems could cost you thousands of dollars to repair. To make sure that the trees are well-preserved, it is essential to know what could harm them. The significant causes of death of a tree at a construction site are compacted soil on its roots, cutting the roots, and altering the ground level around the tree.

To ensure that the materials and construction equipment are not placed too close to the trees, you can build a temporary fence around the trees. You can construct wells around the base to avoid compacted soil and altering the ground level. Tree preservation does not cost too much. However, if you are planning to hire a professional arborist, you should consider how much it will cost.

Demolition and Removal

You have to consider that demolishing a current structure can likely add a few thousand to your overall amount. The cost of removing trees and other debris will depend on how wooded the area is. Whether there are large rocks or tree stumps that should be removed. Usually, clearing the trees and brush will usually depend on the land’s size.

Setting Up of Utilities

Before laying down the groundwork of your house, you must first set up its underground utilities. This will involve the installation of CAT-6 cables, underground electric lines, water lines, and gas lines.

Preparing the Building Site

Once you have finished clearing the site, the next thing to do is to make some preparations for building construction. The preparation of the building site will involve excavation and filling. You will be paying less for removing the debris on the construction site if the equipment can easily access the location. Filling the land is essential for grading purposes. Several aspects can affect the price including the grading, steepness, compaction, equipment, as well as environmental and erosion requirements.

Once the site has been excavated, land grading is essential to level the land and prepare it for construction. The goal here is to have a smooth landscape that does not have any disparity in its elevation. This is crucial when laying down your foundation. During this time, the site should be prepared for the drainage system by creating slopes on the construction site.

Let the Professionals Handle the Job

By letting the professionals perform the job, you can guarantee that the job will be handled appropriately and professionally. Additionally, the work will be guaranteed, and safety precautions are applied. If the work is done properly, then you can guarantee that you can save time and money in the long run.

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