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Having trees on your property is beneficial; however, when they pose a safety risk or danger to you and your family, you will have no choice but to remove them. Removing a tree and its roots is not easy you cannot do it on your own; you will need a professional to do the job to avoid any issues or problems in the long run. Here at Defensible Services, we will be sharing with you the different reasons to remove trees. If you want to know more information, we encourage you to keep scrolling below to find out. 

Trees play an important role in the ecosystem however; there are times when you have to remove them with the help of professionals especially when you noticed they are no longer beneficial to you and the environment. You must inquire about tree removal services from a professional company so that they will be removed properly. Even if the tree has been cut off but the roots are left, the tree can continue growing and become a nuisance to you and your family. 

Here are some of the reasons why you must consider removing a tree from your property.

It has died

If a certain tree on your property has reached the point of dying, you will have no choice but to get rid of it. The process is not simple; you have to ask a professional to do the job for you. If a tree has died or is in the process of dying, it simply means it will lose its strength and cause accidents or problems because it can be dangerous if left standing on your property.

If you have small kids and pets that love to run around the yard, having an old dying tree can cause accidents. For example, when a tree has become weak it will not be capable of withstanding its weight, strong winds, rain, heavy snow, etc. It may no longer have the strength to support its branches which can cause them to fall off. When this happens, the tree may end up falling which could cause damage to your property, home, or car and even cause injury to you, your family, or your pets. 

It attracts pests

Dead or dying trees can attract pests. When a tree is dead or dying the more it decays, the higher the chance it will attract pests such as termites, rodents, etc. If you have problems with pests in your home, the trees in your yard may be attracting them to your property and from there they could easily migrate from the tree to your home, especially if the tree in question is near your home’s roof.

If your home is made of wood, you should be concerned if you find termites in one of the trees in your yard because they can cause irreversible damage to the structural integrity of your home. 

It has a disease

When you have trees in your yard that are diseased, you should decide to have them removed from your property before the disease worsens and spreads to other trees and plants. While some diseases on trees can be easily treated, it is not always the case. When a tree gets a disease, it can be easily prone to dying so you must take care of the issue before it escalates.

You must decide to remove the tree once you learned that it has an untreatable disease so you can avoid it from further weakening. Once the tree has weakened, it can fall and even cause accidents or problems for you and your family. When you remove a diseased tree as soon as possible, you can still prevent the disease from spreading to other trees and plants in your yard. 

It has damage

If you have a tree in your yard that has been damaged by forces outside of your control such as heavy winds, strong rain, hail, ice storm, or nearby construction, you must have it removed. Animals and other people can also damage trees.

If a tree or its branches are severely compromised, it can pose a threat to your safety. It may be safer to just remove the tree completely. If the trunk of the tree has been damaged, tree removal can be the only solution because the trunk is the base of the tree. A damaged tree is also prone to diseases, dying, or even attracting pests. 

It has not been planted in a good location

We all know trees will continue to grow, so if a certain tree is planted too close to your home, it can cause problems once it grows bigger. For example, when the tree grows, the roots can grow longer and destroy the pathway, sidewalk, or even cause issues to the building’s foundation.

This can also be an issue when the tree is planted in a location near power lines or too close to pipelines, sewers, or sidewalks. If you think a tree will just cause issues later on, it is easier to remove or even transplant it before it grows bigger. 

When there are many trees planted in your yard, you can have some removed. If multiple trees are planted close to one another, a tree or two can cause problems for other trees and plants. It can mean that one tree is crowding others, blocking the sunlight, and even depriving the other trees and plants of nutrients coming from the soil. 

It can cause property damage

Your property can be at risk if it is near a tree. Your family and your pets will be at risk of accidents due to falling branches. It can also cause damage to your pipes, sidewalks, and paving. When tree roots grow long and large, they can cause inevitable damage to everything in their path. When the tree in question has already caused damage or can do so in the future, it is best to have the tree removed by a professional company like Defensible Services if you live in Butte or its nearby areas. 

It is in the path of construction or can be mortally damaged by construction equipment

If you are building a new structure or planning to expand your home, if you have trees in the way of construction, you will have no other choice but to have them removed by a professional company. Especially, if you will be using heavy construction equipment, you will need space and make sure everything will fit inside your yard, so you must remove the trees that will be in the way of construction because it will only make the job harder than it already is. 

It is blocking your view or causing too much shade and preventing your other plants to grow

As trees grow bigger and bigger, they can block your view or ruin your home’s curb appeal. A certain tree can cause too much shade and prevent your other plants from growing, especially if the tree is in your yard, you have the right to remove it. 

It is leaning in a dangerous direction

When trees grow in a weird direction, they can lean towards your home, garden, garage, or children’s play area. It can fall due to strong winds and can pose a threat to safety, so it is best to have the tree removed by a professional company. 

It is difficult to maintain

When trees in your yard are difficult to maintain for example a certain tree is just dropping troublesome needles, fruits, leaves, sap, seeds, or branches, you can have it removed by a professional. Trees offer a lot of benefits however they can be messy and a lot of work. They can be difficult to maintain.

If it is continuously dropping things on your home, garage, or other parts of your property, it may be easier to consider having the tree be removed by a professional company such as Defensible Services if you are based in Butte or its nearby counties. It is easier to remove it than to deal with the mess daily. You can have it removed and replace it with a plant that is easier to maintain. 

Getting rid of trees can be a sad thing to happen however; sometimes it is the only solution to your problem. So if you need help removing a tree from your yard you must only trust a professional such as Defensible Services. Contact us today! Get a quote for any of our services here. 

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