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There are several reasons you might consider removing a tree in your property in Butte County, CA, or the surrounding areas. Storms and hurricanes can down trees and break branches, and various diseases can cause roots to rot and the branches and trunk to wither and die.

Such trees can be hazardous to your family, home, vehicles, and other properties. When a tree falls due to the natural causes mentioned above, you cannot control where it will land, which can put everyone and everything around it at risk. But you can prevent these damages when you take down a tree safely through proper tree removal. In Butte County and the surrounding areas, tree removal is specifically essential to prevent the spread of wildfires.

If a tree in your property needs to be removed, contact a Butte County tree removal service for an estimate, and do not wait before it causes bigger damage.

What trees must be removed for property protection?

Trees that you need to urgently remove from your property are those that have already decomposed and can no longer be nursed back to health. Once a tree starts to die, it poses the danger of falling anytime or catching fire more easily.

Dead trees

There are numerous reasons a dead tree can be hazardous. When a tree dries up and becomes brittle, insects move in, and lay larva on the wood or start eating it. This can lead to the tree’s decomposition process. The dead tree will naturally be more susceptible to falling, which can be a hazard to your family and property.

The dead trees will also cause wildfires to spread more rapidly, especially in dry, hot, and drought-stricken areas like Butte County, CA.

Trees infested with Bark Beetle

Bark beetles may be tiny little bugs, but they can cause huge damage to trees by boring holes onto them. Trees fight bark beetles off by producing pitch in these holes that would push the beetles out. However, in drought-stricken areas, trees have a difficult time producing enough pitch that can fight off these pests.

Woodpeckers feed on bark beetles, so they dig into trees to look for their prey. These holes the size of nickel or quarter that are made by woodpeckers can help you identify whether a tree in your property is infested with bark beetle. You can also find tiny holes the size of a pencil eraser in the bark of a tree infested with bark beetle because this is where they exit the tree after they have become fully grown bark beetles.

Larva bark beetles also create squiggly lines along the tree trunk as they bore through the tree after they hatch from eggs. Bark beetles can spread from one tree to the next as soon as they learn how to fly. If your Ponderosa Pine Tree and the Blue Spruce Tree show signs of bark beetle infestation, it’s important to remove the entire tree as soon as possible to prevent the bark beetles from infesting the other trees in your area.

Other trees that may need to be removed

Trees can make any landscape look even more beautiful, and it can be a shame when you have to remove a tree entirely. There are several ways you can bring back a sick tree to full health, including deep root feeding and watering.

However, if the roots or trunk of the tree have been compromised, there’s a high chance for the tree to fall or be easily caught in a fire. In this case, it may be time to call a Butte County tree removal service provider who can evaluate your tree.

Here are some signs that can help determine if it’s time to remove a tree from your Butte County property.

Rotten trunk or tree base

A tree that is wounded and is starting to decay can show several noticeable signs. When a tree has fungus, it can indicate that a tree is not doing well. The fungus can spread from spores to wound, and around the tree base, and can cause discoloration in some parts of the tree’s wood. Decomposing wood is also the perfect food and breeding spot for some insects, so if there’s an increase in insect activity in your tree, it’s a sign that your tree is not doing well.

Deep cracks at the tree base

You will also know whether a tree has wounds if it has deep cracks at its base. These cracks can usually indicate that the tree has been struck by lightning. A tree can bounce back to full health after a lightning strike, but it might be difficult if the cut is deep.

The tree is leaning excessively

You can also determine a tree’s health based on its posture. A tree that is leaning too far to one side can indicate a problem. While it can simply be reaching for sunlight, it could also mean something else. Either way, if the tree is leaning excessively to one side, it is hazardous because it has great chances of falling. A leaning tree may be caused by a damaged root system, which makes it more likely to be uprooted during a storm.

Cracked soil around the tree base

A tree with roots that are lifting due to a damaged or compromised root system can cause the soil around its base to crack. A strong wind can push on the canopy of a tree, causing the roots to be uprooted, and the tree to fall over completely.

What trees should you keep an eye on?


Ideally, trees should be planted at least 20 feet away from the house. But as we all know, this is often not the case. Most trees have a root system that is twice the tree’s height, so if your tree is 40 feet tall, its root system may be 80 feet wide.

It’s not necessary to remove a tree that’s growing close to your home, but it’s best to keep an eye on it.

Trees with roots growing into a sewer line or septic system

Root systems can spread into a septic system and right through sewer line pipes. For this reason, you should never plant trees right over or near a sewer line or septic system. But if you are already dealing with this kind of problem, there’s a way to solve this. You can flush copper sulfate through the sewer lines to kill the roots without killing the entire tree. You can also hire a plumbing company to regularly run a scope through a sewer line to clear it. However, it can become stressful and costly if the problem continues or worsens. In that case, your best option is to hire a tree removal service provider in Butte County to take care of the problem in a more efficient way.

Trees with roots growing toward the foundation of a house

Usually, when a tree is planted close to your home, its root system will grow toward a spot with the least resistance. However, roots can sometimes grow into the foundation, causing cracks and major damage to it. Thankfully, the technology of laying a house’s foundation has improved over the years. But if you live in an old house, keep an eye on trees growing close to your home, as well as for any signs of cracks in the foundation.

Tree Removal in Butte County, CA

If you think you need to have a tree removed from your property, do it as soon as reasonably possible. It’s best to remove them properly before they become a fire hazard or cause structural damage to your properties. For the best tree removal service in Butte County and the surrounding areas, call Defensible Services today at (530) 990-9103. Our team of tree removal experts can efficiently and safely remove hazardous trees from your property.