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If you are a nature lover, then it will probably be hard for you to understand the actual reason for land clearing. The beauty of nature can give you pleasure. The mulch from the land can be usable while the remaining resources can be used in a lot of ways. Most people are greatly concerned about bothering the natural ecosystem. However, there is no need to worry since it can be done without any harm. If you need land clearing services in the surrounding counties of California, then simply dial (530) 990-9103 and Defensible Services will gladly help you.

While land clearing can be logical, it can also be advantageous in a lot of ways once it is done properly. There are many professional land clearing companies out there that are well-experienced and are knowledgeable on the best processes, methodologies, and techniques on land clearing. Hence, they will be able to perform land clearing while avoiding damages to the local ecosystem and nature.

What Does Land Clearing Mean?

Land clearing refers to the process of eliminating all the natural and manmade hindrances from a particular piece of land that is intended to be utilized for other purposes. This land should be cleared of trees, stones, stumps, etc. Once all the obstacles are removed from the land, it is now ready to be used for ranching, farming, or constructing a structure. The purpose will greatly depend on the owner’s goal as well as the location of the land. This is often done for the construction of a new home or business.

What Equipment Is Needed for Clearing Land?

Once a contractor is hired to do the land clearing, the first thing that they will do is to make a review on the soil stability, moisture, terrain, species habitation, as well as denseness of the vegetation. They will address any issues with regard to the environment and any other obstacles. Afterward, they will decide what proper tools and equipment they will use based on these factors.

There are different varieties of machinery and equipment that can be used for land clearing depending on the factors mentioned above. The contractor can either use wheeled or tracked mulching units, excavator mulchers, or skid steer tractors that include some attachments for mulching. However, in an average land clearing, there are other tools that will be required by an experienced land clearing company.

What Does Manual Land Clearing Entail?

When it comes to manual land clearing, hand tools including chainsaws will be used for removing or pruning unwanted or harmful vegetation. In this way, the land clearing contractor can ensure that the removal of vegetation is done precisely and accurately. Manual clearing will require spider lifts and bucket trucks in removing the things that they cut down. In case this equipment will not be able to access the cleared land, GRCS hand tools will be used. The things that are removed from the land will then be placed inside the Grapple trucks or Roll-Offs and taken away.

What Is the Time Frame for Clearing An Acre Of Land?

The average time frame for clearing an acre of land is about three to four hours provided that there is proper equipment and sufficient manpower. But take note that there might be some factors that could affect this time frame. The cost of the land clearing project can also be affected by some factors such as the following:

  • Denseness of vegetation
  • The goal of the preparation
  • Size of the land
  • Accessibility to the land and travel time
  • Size and quantity of the trees, stones, stumps, etc.

Can Land Clearing Affect the Soil?

Minimal land clearing such as on gardens and backyards has less impact compared to construction or agricultural purposes. To avoid any negative effect on the environment, land clearing should be prevented. However, if this is not practical or possible, then land clearing companies will be hired for clearing the land so environmental effects can be minimized. One of the best solutions is to start clearing smaller tracts and replant them right away to help in preventing soil erosion. In addition to this, some contractors would opt to buy the adjoining lot and transform this into a wetland to entice the native species. In this way, there will be some kind of balance.

Even though it may seem that land clearing is a bad practice, it has some positive impacts too. Once the land has been cleared, there are a few ideas that are worth considering based on its size and location.

  • Storage Facilities – Build storage units and consider renting them out.
  • Farms – Grow some plants and produce that you could sell. Or you could make an educational farm to be used by local schools.
  • Horses and Livestock – Build stables and offer riding lessons or rent them out. You could also consider constructing a petting zoo.
  • Environmental Farm – Offer wind and solar power options to energy providers, local communities, or businesses.
  • Sports Fields – Build sports fields for soccer, baseball, etc., and rent them out to various leagues.
  • Campground Sites – Install water and electrical facilities and offer camping rentals. Or you could advance to the next level by adding some amenities so you can offer glamping, which is the latest trend.
  • Parking Lots – Having a supervised parking lot is beneficial to areas where there are limited or no parking areas at all. Most especially, in places near attractions and venues that attract large crowds.
  • Paintball Course or Shooting Range – Build a shooting range where shooters could target practice. Construct a paintball course and consider renting them out to individuals and groups.
  • Photography Studio – Construct a portrait studio or any other type of photo facility.
  • Raise sheep or goats – Raise sheep for processing wool or raise goats and lend them to landowners who require their lawn “mowed”.

What Are the Benefits of Land Clearing?

Land clearing refers to the process of removing vegetation, boulders, trees, and other obstacles in the land. Although this process does not have a positive reaction from environmentalists, yet if land clearing is done appropriately then there are a lot of advantages that it can offer not only to the landowner but also to the environment. Whether the land is used for construction, agriculture, or any other reason, land clearing is an ideal choice for keeping your property safe and promoting a balanced ecosystem.

Achieve Environmental Stability

Land clearing can be advantageous to the environment and its current ecosystems since it offers better stability to the species living in this particular area. For instance, if the land is neglected, then weeds and other plants will overtake. This means that a huge amount of plant life will suffer since they are competing with others for resources. Once the land is cleared, the remaining plants will obtain better access to sunlight, water, and other nutrients needed for them to survive.

Land clearing will cultivate the soil, making it fertile enough for growing crops and other plants. This is ideal if you are planning to use the land for agriculture.

Promotes Safety

One of the greatest advantages of land clearing is to keep your property safer. Removing the pile of dry leaves, twigs, and other fire hazards can reduce the chance of fire. Dead plants can increase the chances of fire spreading on your property. This could likely occur if you keep on neglecting overgrown plants on your property. Even if your land has not been used, it is important that you have to control the amount of growth to prevent the occurrence of fire.

Dry, rotten wood does not only pose a fire threat, but it could also cause danger to passersby if they fall down. Or they could cause damage to properties during storms or strong winds.

Makes Your Property Looks Better

Aside from keeping it safer for people and properties, land clearing can also help in making your property look more appealing. Most often, neglected properties can quickly accumulate trash which makes it look unpleasant. If you have a vacant lot that you are trying to sell, then land clearing could help in increasing its value.

Why Should You Hire Land Clearing Professionals?

Getting some help from professionals can help in preventing any damage to the sewage or water systems. Sometimes there are properties that have hidden cables and pipes that could get damaged while removing trees. With a land clearing company, you can always guarantee that all the debris is removed and taken care of safely and properly. This means that you don’t have to worry about transporting it. Keep in mind that land clearing can help in making your property safer and look more pleasant.

Opting for a professional land clearing company such as Defensible Services can ensure you that the job is accomplished safely and accurately. Defensible Services offers land clearing, land preparation, debris removal, and fire mitigation in the counties of California. We have the proper machinery and equipment necessary in performing the task. If you require land clearing, then simply give us a call at (530) 990-9103 or send us a message at defensibleservices@gmail.com.