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If your property has a lot of overgrown vegetation, you can have them cleared and turn them into a usable space. Clearing land can be difficult if you do not have any experience doing it on your own. You will have to hire a company that offers forestry mulching. Here at Defensible Services, we will be sharing a blog post about the complete guide to forestry mulching. Make sure to continue reading below to find out. 

Clearing the land is not an easy process. It has a lot of aspects that must be considered like its cost, the labor involved, and the clearing process itself. It will consume a lot of time, you will need machines that need fuel and you must also consider the environmental damage that may occur if the process is done incorrectly.

Forestry mulching is the answer to your dilemma. It is a more accessible version of land clearing, it requires less time and money and it can prevent any environmental damage that may happen during land clearing.

What is forestry mulching? It is an efficient method of removing vegetation after clearing the land. The remaining vegetation such as brush, grasses, and trees is turned into mulch right away instead of hauling them to a landfill. Forestry mulching is recommended for clearing and managing vegetation in wooded areas. This can be an effective way of preventing the spread of invasive species and re-establish wildlife health. 

Forestry mulching will shred the remainder of vegetation on your property when it undergoes land clearing. Trees, brush, grass, and branches will be transformed into natural and eco-friendly top-layer of ground covering. Also known as mulching, this process gets rid of the need to use heavy machines like bulldozers, excavators, grinders, tree shears, wood chippers, and hauling equipment.

In forestry mulching, a single machine is used to chop, pulverize, and remove leftover vegetation in an area which will then produce a pulverized blanket of mulch. This organic material will be left to break down and reinstated into the soil which will result in richer and lusher soil on your property. The mulch or biodegradable top layer serves as an organic protective barrier on top of the soil which helps balance it, prevent erosion, and promote natural plant growth. 

What kind of machines are used in forestry mulching?

The machines used during the process of forestry mulching and clearing the land are known as mulchers. Smaller mulchers like common lawn mulchers are also used in removing the garden and yard. Mulchers are high-performance and heavy-duty equipment used to clear land, construction sites, and wooded areas with thick vegetation. 

Here are the different types of mulchers used for forestry mulching. 

Commercial mulchers

This type of mulcher is commonly used on construction sites. It is used for land clearing before starting a new construction project. It is large, durable, and made from heavy-duty steel. It uses a lot of horsepower, which makes it perfect for heavy use. 

Freestanding mulchers 

This type of mulcher is made of plastic, and it is portable. It has a funnel-shaped opening that will be fed with debris like leaves, grass, and branches to shred them into smaller pieces. The shredded vegetation particles will then be used as natural and nourishing mulch on the ground, where newer plants will grow afterwards.  


This type of mulcher is designed with a built-in shredder or chipper feature. It is popular because it can multi-task at the same time. It can cut vegetation which will then be added to the shredder. The shredder will grind the vegetation into smaller pieces and then be used as a mulch to cover the soil. 

Electric-powered mulchers 

This type of mulcher is used for simple land-clearing projects. Since it uses electric motors, it produces less noise, making them suitable for urban areas. Electric-powered mulchers are environmental-friendly because it produces less pollution. It uses a power cable which makes it limited to places it can reach. 

Gas-powered mulchers 

This type of mulcher is powerful and suitable for heavy-duty use. It is commonly used for clearing tree limbs, bushes, and dense vegetation. It comes in different sizes depending on different land conditions. 

Lawn tractor mulchers 

This type of mulcher is used with tractors. It is used for lawn mowing. It makes the work faster and easier as it can cover a large land in a shorter period. 

What are the advantages of forestry mulching?

It is affordable 

When a small and straightforward land requires forestry mulching, it only needs a single machine. This equipment will be used to grind the vegetation on the land. This process will limit the use of multiple machines which is typical for land-clearing projects. Since it uses fewer machines and requires less manual labor, its price is more affordable for property owners. 

Eliminates the need for debris hauling 

The shredded vegetation, after clearing the land, will be converted into a layer of mulch that will cover the soil. You do not have to hire trucks to haul and remove trees, branches, grasses, and leaves from the land. 

Fast process 

A heavy-duty mulcher can mulch 15 acres of land in a day. If your land is small, you can use a small mulcher to do the job. Smaller equipment can mulch an acre of land in 1/2 day to a day, and it may also depend on the thickness of the foliage. 

Can be used in any terrain and weather conditions 

Forestry mulching can be done in any terrain or weather conditions. Just make sure to use the appropriate mulching machine or equipment depending on the type of terrain of your land. Mulching can be done on land with steep slopes and small areas with poor land conditions and even in snowy or rainy weather. 

Produces zero waste and is environmental-friendly 

Land clearing methods are prone to the risk of soil erosion while forestry mulching processes the vegetation in the land and keeps the soil structure secured and intact. The shredded mulch material will then be used as a soil barrier to prevent erosion from happening. It can improve the nutrients in the soil when it undergoes decomposition. New vegetation will then grow over the mulch afterwards. 

Are you searching for a company that offers forestry mulching in Butte, California, or its nearby cities? You must check out Defensible Services. We offer different services such as tree and brush removal, debris removal, vegetation clearing, and stump removal. If you want to inquire about our services, please contact us asap.

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