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If you have a lot of trees in your yard and need to remove some of them, you must hire a professional company to do the job properly. If you live in Butte California or nearby cities you can rely on Defensible ServicesIf you have overgrown or rotten trees and you think you can cut down the trees on your own, DIY tree removal is not advisable. If you do not have the experience to cut trees, it is best to entrust the job to professionals. 

Cutting down a tree on your own is not an intelligent decision as it involves many risks, such as damage to property, accident, or injury to yourself, family members, or pets. When you hire a professional company for their tree removal services they will make sure that the job will be done correctly while keeping your property and family safe from possible accidents. 

Check out the following mistakes to avoid when removing trees.

Not including the surrounding areas

If you are planning to remove a tree in your yard, you must first assess its location. Is it located near your home? Are there electrical wires surrounding it? Is it safe to remove? Is there a structure near it that can be destroyed if it falls to the ground? 

You must check the surroundings to avoid property damage when a tree is removed. The power lines must be avoided as they can cause a fire in your neighborhood. 

You must also inspect the ground. Are there any obstacles that can cause accidents? Such as tripping, falling, or injuries for those involved in removing the tree. Large roots can cause someone to trip which can cause fatal injuries especially if someone is operating a chainsaw. 

Rushing the process 

When cutting a tree in your yard, it must be done slowly without rushing. Since trees have roots that can cause falls and even hurt everyone in the surrounding area, you must be careful to do it. If the tree is old and has weak branches, it can fall and hurt anyone near it. 

No knowledge of how to use tree removal equipment 

When removing a tree, you must use proper equipment such as a chainsaw, hand saw, axe, etc. If you do not have any knowledge on how to properly remove a tree, you must entrust the job to someone who has the knowledge, training, skills, and experience. If you are based in Butte, California, or its nearby areas you can hire Defensible Services to do the tree removal for you. 

Operating equipment like chainsaws is not accessible it is the most recommended tool to cut down a tree. It is an easier, quicker, and more suitable way to remove a tree in your yard. Be careful when operating a machine like a chainsaw, it is quite dangerous as it can cause fatal injuries if do not know what you are doing. 

Numerous chainsaw-related injuries are treated in the hospital yearly, so you might get injured if you are careless when operating one. It may seem easy to operate, but it’s best to entrust the job to experts who know what they are doing. If you are easily distracted, you can make mistakes that can cause irreversible damage and fatal injuries. 

Forgetting about the tree stump 

After cutting down a tree, the remaining tree stump must also be removed. Sometimes, tree stumps have roots that will continue growing, which can cause damage to your property. A tree stump left in your yard can be an eyesore that can affect the appearance of your yard. The tree stump can also invite pests like termites and carpenter ants which can lead to an infestation and also affect other trees and structures in your yard. 

Termites can cause irreversible damage to the wooden areas of your home and furniture. To prevent making a mistake such as leaving a tree stump, you must hire a professional company like Defensible Services so they can remove the tree stump and prevent further damage to your property and yard. 

Not wearing personal protective equipment 

Tree removal is a hazardous process. Everyone involved must wear protective gear to do the job right and prevent any injuries. Personal protective equipment consists of a hard hat, eye protection goggles, heavy-duty gloves, and boots. 

When using a chainsaw, splinters can fly in every direction, and wearing protective goggles can prevent eye injury. The gloves can keep your hands protected; a splinter can pierce your skin and cause severe pain. The hard hat can protect your head from falling objects such as branches. It can reduce the impact of falling objects, thus keeping you safe and preventing head injuries. 

Cutting down a rotten tree 

A rotten tree can fall and cause injuries to everyone involved. The tree’s stem, bark, and branches are rotten and dry. The rotten tree has no strength to support its weight, and a strong wind can cause it to fall anytime. Be careful and hire a professional tree removal company. You must look for signs of a dying or rotten tree and allow the professionals to deal with it. They are experts, and they will know how to handle the job better than you could. 

Making assumptions that everything will go as planned 

When removing a tree, do you know where it will fall? You may think that the tree will fall in the right direction, but it can fall anywhere, especially if it is near your home. It can even cause injuries to you, your family, or your pets.

Not hiring an expert 

A professional tree removal company like Defensible Services can safely remove trees on your property. They will make sure to do it carefully to prevent property damage and avoid injury to anyone involved in the tree removal process. 

Do you need help clearing the trees in your yard? If you live in Butte, California, or its nearby areas, you can hire Defensible Services. We offer services like debris removal, stump removal, forestry mulching, and vegetation clearing. You can contact us anytime if you have any questions regarding our services.

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